In our three years of business, we've been blessed to interact with with such a quality group of customers, partners, and supporters. Being such a small business, it's easy to lose focus from time to time. There are many distractions in the world that can distort our vision. When I first started the company I didn't know what to expect. I knew I loved being active, traveling throughout America, and communicating through graphic design. I wanted a way to express my passion for the outdoors through graphic design in a way that could benefit a greater good. Our ultimate goal is to inspire people of all ages to go on adventures, to get outside, and to be active. Profits we raise will one day allow us to host camps and trips for youth and young adults. 

One of the things I cherish most is having seen the entire lower 48 with my siblings over a series of road trips. Whenever I'm asked about the coolest thing I've ever done I think about the time I, along with 14 friends, painstakingly hiked 14,429 ft to the summit of Mt. Massive. If these are the memories I value most, I'm inclined to encourage others get out and experience it for themselves.

Coming into 2016, business is growing rapidly and our vision is more clear than ever. We are more than just a clothing company, we are a growing community of bad-asses inspired by adventure.