We recently were connected with Faith Fitzgerald on Instagram. After talking with her, we decided to collaborate. We sent her a few products and asked the question, "What does "inspired by adventure" means to you." In exchange, she photographed our products and wrote the following blog. Hope you find it as inspiring as we do! Enjoy.

When thinking on what I would write for this blog I really wanted to capture the mission of 'Merica Clothing Co. With that I realized that I myself strive after that same mission daily. You see, my passion is capturing things behind a camera, it is my constant goal to find the unnoticed because with each thing nature has provided me to capture its actually taught me more and more about the beauty of the people who wander amongst it and with that I want to share my heart a little because one thing nature has taught me is the power of transparency and genuine vulnerability.

We live in one of the most beautiful countries in the universe and it is filled with such a uniquely wonderful diversity of human beings! But I must ask, have we taken that for granted?  Have we become so consumed with the American rat race of education and career with our only efforts being to fill our personal bank accounts so that we have some kind of false security blanket ultimately leaving the fact that we're still breathing as our only definition of living?

There are so many complex parts of nature, so many details that without one another working in harmony it wouldn't thrive and I've learned that we human beings are just the same, we've become so consumed and distracted by the things that stir fear and selfish desires within us that we've forgot to embrace actually living, and how can we have life without embracing life? It's time we take off the blinders our stigmas of success have placed over our ability to see that beauty awaits, we must cast off these chains of division and strife and accept the beautiful reality that is us only thriving through harmony, let's become one again because it is our differences that make us one, it is where the thought that some lack and some gain is put to shame because we're all equally apart and simply have life differently so that we may invest our strengths into one another's weaknesses.

You're probably wondering why I titled this blog "24 hours" and the reason is because on September 13th 2016 it only took 24 hours for my life to take detour, a detour that began with my dad walking into the coffee shop after his doctors appointment, while my mom alongside him had tears streaming from her face and within seconds my heart dropped to the pit of my stomach when hearing the words "It's stage three lung cancer" come pouring from the mouth of my hero of a Daddy, It was in that moment I examined the every wasted breathe I had spent on meaningless selfishness because that moment reminded me of the seconds I had failed to seize, I had simply taken not only my time for granted but the time of those I claim to love! You're life may be gone before you get it together so ask yourself is this the adventure I'd want people see in my legacy because what if this was simply the last 24 hours of me?

Moral of this endless passionate babble typing: Be inspired by the living that awaits and do not take it's beauty for granted for now is the time to seize the adventure.

- With love and flowers, Faith Marie Fitzgerald.

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